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3 Types Of Common Locks In Singapore

In Singapore, a security household feature would be door locks. Though Singapore may be known for being a safe country, life without door locks would be beyond imagination — this feature is a classic essential. But how much do we really know about the locks that keep us safe?

1. Predominant Lock: Prominent Padlocks

Padlocks, the ancients of locks. Existing here for decades, they are undeniably one of the most common locks in Singapore. Homeowners here are bound to have owned this at least once in some point of their life regardless of where their residence — bungalows, condominiums, or HDB.

For the uninitiated, keys specifically designed are required to open the door when it comes to padlocks which are commonly used for locking up shops, gates – even securing someone’s parked bikes! This small and handy lock might seem unreliable, but for years they have brought a sense of security to many.

2. Deadly Efficient Deadbolts

Homeowners who prioritise deadbolts are likely to have owned a deadbolt. Deadbolts are locks that can only be opened with a key unlocking the lock cylinder. Hence, if you are ever worried that you’ll be unexpectedly stuck in your own home because of a faulty lock? Well, you can rest assured that with deadbolts, you will be safe and sound especially for residential security in Singapore.

Likelihood is, you will not find any open safes and vaults with deadbolts as with these, the chances of finding yourself in an emergency situation is relatively low as deadbolts have lockable thumbs that can lock in and out from both sides of said lock. For those kancheong spiders out there, this deadbolt lock is sure to win you over.

3. Smartypants of Locks: Smart Locks

The newer player in the lock game, smart locks, also known as digital locks, have been dominating the lock market ever since its introduction in the late 21st century. Don’t underestimate this newcomer — as Singapore advances into the digital era, digital locks have booming in popularity amongst new homeowners.

Regardless of whatever lock you use, they all share two common factors; maintenance and fixing will be required. Locks are like humans: becoming faulty is a symptom of their sickness — basically wear-and-tear from years of abuse by us. And to reward the locks for helping us throughout countless years, why not use a reliable expert’s service?

Singapore Locksmith, a local locksmith that operates 24/7, so if you ever find yourself in a dire lock-related emergency, all you have got to do is whip out your smartphone and dial Singapore Locksmith! Skilled in fixing and maintaining gates, keys and helping people be free from being stuck in their homes, there is no other brand that can hold a candle to them.

The cherry on top? Besides the locks mentioned here, thanks to their over two decades of experience, Singapore Locksmith can fix mailbox, car and door locks too! So if your precious BMW, Mercedes or Bentley ever needs improvement for its locks, you know who to engage with now!

Lastly, their reliability is practically insured especially with their usage of Fichet Group locks. Singapore Locksmith uses Fichet, a France company that is renowned for their locks and safes which are bulgary-free and fireproof.

You know you can trust Singapore Locksmith when they even use Chubb, which is an English lock company that invented the ‘The Detector’ original secure lock mechanism. Ever since its debut into the world, the lock has remained as constant as the stars above, always there, never changing. The fact that Singapore Locksmith have used Fichet’s and Chubb’s services only proves the sincere dedication they have for their customers – the research they have done to provide the best quality for their customers shines brilliantly through their customers’ reviews.

So what are you waiting for? Why wait any longer? Use their services today!

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