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Why You Should Trust Digital Locks

News angle: digital locks – aren’t they prone to being hacked since they’re digital? We’ll show you how they are not dangerous and are reliable.

The rise of modern technology has seemingly seamlessly reached every aspect of one’s daily life – transport, shopping, health habits, you name it and you will undoubtedly find that they have integrated and permanently implanted themselves into our lives. Some of us are likely to be unable to live without our digital friends.

I bet the number of times you used the Grab app for a ride home are more than the ten fingers you have. I bet that you probably shop more on Shopee than you do at retail stores. And I bet that you, dear reader, probably use a digital lock door or am considering buying one.

For those who are more hesitant about transitioning to a digital lock door, here are 3 reasons on why you should invest in one.

1. It is convenient

Keys? What are those? Gone are the days where you have to physically carry a bunch of keys when you get a digital lock. You do not need to see those dangly keys or purchase a pouch just to house them in your bag. The space that they previously took up will be gone with the purchase of a digital lock door.

All you need is your memory (or notepad on your phone if you have a goldfish memory like me) to remember your door’s passcode! Within a few taps, you’re in!

2. Copies of keys cannot be made

Another upside of digital locks is obvious – if it is digital, it can not be remade. With physical keys, we can always make a new copy of keys – something most of us do whenever we lose them – and this creates a window of opportunity for bulgars to steal from us, especially if we have missing copies lying around. For digital locks, the only key you need is your finger!

3. Access rights can be updated

Most administration software for digital smart locks these days are advanced. As long as you update the administration software, the process will go smoothly and secure. Digital door locks users also use RFID (Radio Frequency Identification RFID) card door locks which have a unique code embedded in it, promising security.

The cherry on top is the quality tools that Singapore Locksmith uses: Fichet, French company renowned for their burglar and fireproof locks and Chubb, an English lock company that invented the original secure lock mechanism. Both are renowned in the industry for their reliability, and Singapore Locksmith’s sincerity and commitment to their customers shines through. The research they dug to provide security to their customers is evident.

If you foresee another worry for digital locks like locked doors, rest assured. Local locksmith brand Singapore Locksmith is as trustworthy as it gets! From digital locks to door, mailbox and car locks, they do it all! Their 24/7 operational service is another win too! Why wait and check out their services too!

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